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2012年1月5日 星期四

(Chapter 11) people, the precious metals misconceptions

(第11章) 人們,對貴價金屬的錯誤觀念

(Chapter 11) people, the precious metals misconceptions


 When the market risk aversion rises, many people mistakenly believe that precious metals such as gold and silver, is safe-haven assets. In fact, this is a misconception.


 Real safe-haven assets, I can tell you, the U.S. dollar and U.S. Treasury bonds.


 Of course, the precious metals in financial markets,can be used as collateral, but the mobility of precious metals, as U.S. dollar debt, as, payment and settlement functions.


 Into 2012, investment in precious metals, the long-term fundamentals has not changed, because the precious metals can be a hedge against inflation and currency depreciation.


 As the European Central Bank, almost certainly, will launch quantitative easing policy, coupled with the Fed in the first quarter of 2012, will launch the third round of the quantitative easing policy, which is a long-term fundamentals, has in recent weeks, more was.


 However, recently, precious metals prices fall, is the best strength against the U.S. dollar continues to enlightenment.


This revelation is further evidence of the global stock and commodity markets, in the short term, the pressure of a downward correction.


1 溫和的經濟增長。



4 美金開始轉弱勢。

 Precious metals price the best market conditions

1 a moderate economic growth.

2 low degree of risk aversion.

3 high inflation expectations 4 U.S. Dollars began to turn weak.


(Chapter 12)U.S. concerns, the European Union and the International Monetary Fund rescue package, but the money thrown into the sea?