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2013年7月1日 星期一

(1 0)Han Yu pinyin is the golden key to learn Mandarin



Today with classmates and friends to discuss is how to deal with the third tone continuous tone changes.

Can you to use of accurate pronunciation in Mandarin expressed the following two sentences:

1.    接聽到爸爸的緊急電話,她便上趕到油地巴士站。

2.    這一位歌手歌動聽,演會經場場爆滿。





1. 媽媽接聽到爸爸的緊急電話,她便上趕到油地巴士站。
1 . jiē tīng dào bà bà de jǐn jí diàn huà tā biàn shàng gǎn dào yóu de bā shì zhàn
1 .Dad heard my mother emergency calls, she immediately rushed to the bus station in Yau Ma Tei.
1.      這一位歌手歌動聽,演會經場場爆滿。
2 .  zhè yí wèi gē shǒu chàng gē dòng tīng yǎn chàng huì jīng cháng shì chǎng chǎng bào mǎn
2 This is a beautiful singer singing, concerts are often packed.
Can you use the correct pronunciation of Mandarin, speak out these two sentences
In particular of



Mandarin, there are so-called "basic tone" and "change in tone", respectively. For example:

1.    本調也可以稱為靜態聲調或非連續聲調,那是指普通話中單獨或孤立的每一個字的音調;舉例來說:「買」、「賣」這兩個字,它們的聲母和韻母都完全相同,但是,讀起來的音調區別卻很大,意義也剛好相反。這是因為它們的拼音有高低、音調有升降的不同。

1 .Basic tone can also be referred to as static or non-continuous tone, it refers, in Mandarin, alone or in isolation of each word in tone; for example: "buy"mǎi, "sell"mài these two words alone, they are identical consonants and vowels, however, when read out the tone is quite different, meaning of the word is just the opposite. This is because they have the treble and bass of the alphabet, tones also with different rise and fall.

2.    一般來說,聲調是用來辨析詞義的作用,又有音高和音長的分別;聲符都附在字的上面,所有普通話字典,都會把每一個漢字的讀音和聲調標示出來。這種單字音調,有五個特點:

2 In general speaking, the tone is used to discriminate the role of meaning and every tone has identified the role of justice and has pitch and duration, respectively.

Tone symbols are attached to the top of the word, all Mandarin dictionary, will put the pronunciation of each character and tone marked. This word tone, there are five characteristics:


(1) Every single word has its own unique tone. When utter the word pronunciation, because there is no other pronunciation connected so the pronunciation is not affected by the impact of other words: Therefore, its tone has independence.



2 Its pronunciation is stable, so the tone is smooth, since it did not enter with words or sentences strung together. And has not been the level of the adjacent interference pronunciation or intonation.Therefore, it is of a static nature of tones.


3Mandarin, all pronunciation only has four of the tones: That is, the first tone, second tone, third tone and the fourth tone.


4In addition to the four basic tones there is also a Mandarin "Gentle tone."


5Third tone is rather special tone in Pinyin.


Other sounds tone, I will continue the discussion in a separate chapter.




Please look at the following exercises this is absolutely not ignore the exercises.


複習(3 3):Review3 3:
1 .第三聲是漢語拼音中比較特殊的音調。
2 .第三聲的詞句,如果連續出現的話,就要改變音調。
3 .改變音調的方式有兩種:
要由214改變為35 (改為第二聲)
1 .Third tone is rather special tone in Pinyin.
2 . Third tone of the words, if consecutive, then we would change the tone.
3 .There are two ways to change the tone:
1When the third tone word, consecutive, the beginning of the third tone pitch words, to change the 214 to 35. Changed to the second tone
Let's start into practice phase:
1 .把柄(bǎ bǐng
a fault that can be taken advantage of by others
2 .影響(bǎ bǐng
3 .粉筆(fěn bǐ
4 .感想(gǎn xiǎng
5 .海港(hǎi gǎng
a harbor
6 .苦惱(kǔ nǎo
7 .口語(kǒu yǔ
colloquial language
8 .老闆(lǎo bǎn
9 .美好(měi hǎo
1 0 .奶粉(nǎi fěn
milk powder
1 1 .起草(qǐ cǎo
to prepare a draft
1 2 .偶爾(ǒu ěr
once in a while
1 3 .品種(pǐn zhǒng
a type (of animal, insect, plant, etc.)
1 4 .理解(lǐ jiě
to understand
1 5 .首領(shǒu lǐng
a chieftain
1 6 .瓦解(wǎ jiě
to disintegrate quickly or easily
1 7 .洗澡(xǐ zǎo
to take (or have) a bath
1 8 .整理(zhěng lǐ
to put things in order
1 9 .廠長(chǎng zhǎng
a factory director
2 0 .保險(bǎo xiǎn
2 1 .本領(běn lǐng
2 2 .勉強(miǎn qiǎng
to manage with an effort
2 3 .勉強(miǎn qiǎng
to manage with an effort
2 4 .躺椅(tǎng yǐ
a chair to recline in
2 5 .惱火(nǎo huǒ
to be annoyed
2 6 .理想(lǐ xiǎng
2 7 .冷飲(lěng yǐn
cold drink
2 8 .古董(gǔ dǒng
an antique
2 9 .海產(hǎi chǎn
marine products
3 0 .果敢(guǒ gǎn
resolute and courageous
3 1 .簡樸(jiǎn pǔ
3 2景點(jǐng diǎn
scenic spots
3 3 .淺顯(qiǎn xiǎn
easy to read and understand
3 4 .選舉(xuǎn jǔ
(an) election
3 5 .恥辱(chǐ rǔ
3 6 .採訪(cǎi fǎng
(of a journalist) to cover (some event);
3 7 .損毀(sǔn huǐ
lay waste to
3 8 .索引(suǒ yǐn
an index
3 9 .窈窕(yǎo tiǎo
(of a girl) gentle and graceful
4 0 .演講(yǎn jiǎng
to give a lecture or speech



These are very commonly used with the word if you can not remember, well, there are still needs to improve your Mandarin, classmates and friends, you still have to learn pinyin.



Dear students, friends, "Learning without front and rear, reached by first". Let us handle this one ancient philosophy statement, of mutual encouragement!


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